Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about our website? Have a look at these frequently asked questions to see if the answer is here. If it isn’t then please contact us on the details below.

Help, I forgot to include something on my order but I can’t add to the order!

This is something we are looking in to for the future, at the moment online you can only send a new order (but it has to be over the £20 minimum) but we recommend you that you can email and just list the extra items you want (also quoting the order number)

Help, I don’t want to order online!

That’s not a problem, you can continue to order in the usual way. We don’t mind at all!

Help, I used to order items from you but I can’t find them!

They are most likely on the website it is just that we have changed it all for the online ordering, items are now in a “Gallery” of images. An example of this is the Colour sheet range – S3488, if you click on the image it opens up the information and list of all of the colours.

Help, I can’t check out!

This is a common problem – it is because even though you have registered and created an account you aren’t logged in.

Help, how do I know what the postage will be!

We always charge postage based on the shape, size, weight and value of the order, we can only calculate this when you send the order to us and we have physically selected the order from our shelves.

Help, how do I order items that are in sets!

If an order is sold in sets it will state it on the website. If you order online you need to order by how many pieces you need in total – as an example a set of 4 and you want 2 of each. You order 8 pieces. If you are ordering by email then just let us know if it is the total number of pieces or how many sets you want.    

Help, the quantities on my invoice are different from what I ordered!

This is down to either items being sold in sets or what is printed on a sheet. We always supply as close to your order as possible.

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