Meet The Team

Natalie Bailey

The person behind many of the day to day emails and telephone calls, well known for her pattern number/name recall.
When not at work can be found out running, baking, walking the dogs (Rupert & Clyde) and drinking wine.

Louisa Bailey

Mum to Ronnie. Joined 2 years ago. Has recently been awarded the title of “White Board Monitor”, picks the orders, and arranges all of the shipping of the orders. When not at work loves a walk to the pub, running and cuddles with Ronnie.

Vicky Bailey

Jon & Natalie’s Mum. Part time dog sitter and stock controller. When not at work can be found spectating at Horse Events all around the country and watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Catherine Bailey

Louisa’s Mum. Expert picker & packer and dog taxi service. When not on the beach she is at Work! Also likes walking with Ronnie and cooking.

Jon Bailey

Usually starts asking about lunch plans at 9.30am. Joined the business 2 years ago and is still upset he is the only male in the office (apparently the dogs don’t count). He deals with more of the accounts side and updating the Website. When not at work can be found fishing and taking photos.

Ronnie Bailey

The office youngster, loves opening drawers & emptying bins!

Clyde Bailey

The voice behind the barking when the telephone rings! Loves being lazy and spends most of the day asleep under the desk.

Rupert Bailey

The office wimp but does love a cuddle from any customer coming in for a visit.

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